Walnut Body Scrub
4 oz wide mouth jar $12.00 each

Our Walnut Body Scrub is a luxuriously thick and creamy textured body scrub that is designed to help detox and exfoliate the body, revealing a new layer of smooth, shinny, healthy skin. It is not skimpy on the amount of crushed walnut shells every single scoop of this scrub will slowly and gently remove dead skin cells and dirt, leaving the skin soft, cleansed and hydrated. Since walnut shells are a natural compound, the color of the base is tan and will tend to vary from batch to batch. This scrub can be made in any formulations that our bath salts or shower gels come in. It is already made up in the following scents.
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Renaissance Festival
BOOTH #246
Weekends October - November

WS01 Rosemary - Health, memory, longevity, earth
WS02 Patchouli - Energy, love
WS03 Sweetgrass - Native American cleansing,
WS04 Cleansing - for heavy psychic, spiritual cleansing
WS05 Good Medicine - To increase healing vibrations
WS06 Mother Earth - To invoke powers and spirits of the
                                          earth and aid communication
WS07 Lavendar
WS08 Jasmine
WS09 Vanilla
WS10 Peppermint