Yes, those wonderful lip balms and salves are now available on the Web.

The Lip Balms are 100% Bees Wax free. We have added Vitamin E to both, and the plain lip balm does have a SPF factor added.
Large Lip Balm: $4.00

At your request, we offer our wonderful Salves in both a Non-Bees Wax, or Bees Wax included formulations. All of our Salves come in 1 oz containers.

Salves: $12.00

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LB04 Large Mint Lip Balm with Tea Tree Oil .25 oz
S01 Chest and Muscle Salve - No Bee Wax
S02 Muscle Ache Salve - Bee Wax
S03 Green Healing Salve - Bee Wax
S04 Green Healing Salve - No Bee Wax
S05 Muscle Ache Salve - No Bee Wax
S06 Arnica Salve - No Bee Wax

All qualities associated with our scents are for historical reference only. No magical properties are implied or quaranteed.