Incense has played a significant role in religious ceremonies worldwide from ancient times. An Egyptian tablet dated from 1530 BCE, mentions its usage. It is also described in the Vedic literatures of India, dated at 5,000 BCE. Natural aromatic woods such as sandalwood, and essential oils of flowers and herbs, were used as a natural scent. Perhaps the best-known natural fragrances are frankincense and myrrh, found almost exclusively in Somalia.

In Native American cultures, tobacco, sage, and other
aromatic herbal substances are often important components.

A 2 oz jar of our incense is equivalent to approximately 30
sticks of incense. The fragrances are very aromatic and best enjoyed by simply sprinkling a small amount on burning incense charcoal. I get the incense from jar to charcoal with my favorite letter opener, using the flat of the blade as a "spoon".

For your convienence, we do offer Incense Charcoal.
Standard Incense Charcoal (10 bricks) $3.00
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Incense and
All incense comes in 2 oz. plastic screw top jar.

All qualities associated with our scents are for historical reference only. No magical properties are implied or quaranteed.