Hydrotherapy with bath salts is an ancient healing
method for muscle and joint pain, relaxation, ritual, and many other purposes. Unlike commercially prepared bath salts that may upset natural energy of your bath, our Bath Salts are hand blended from sea and other natural salts and essential and fragrance oils.
Our Bath Salts are all made from natural, non-foaming ingredients. Sprinkle two tablespoons in ordinary bath water. The Bath Salts come in white and colors depending upon purpose and our mood at the time of preparation.
Herbal baths have been used for centuries to heal and soothe the body, mind and spirit.
What could be better after a hectic day? Lock the bathroom door, put on some soothing music, slide into the warm, fragrant bath and let your thoughts drift….
     Each bath is in a natural fiber infuser filled with herbs and scented sea salt. For best results hang over tap while bath water is running so that water runs through the bag. Drop bag into bath when tub is full or hang bag over tap to dry. If not dropped in bath bag can usually be used three times. They are Non-foaming and can also be used in Jacuzzi or hot tub.
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