Hand and Body Lotions
4 oz bottle $12.00 each

Our scented hand and body lotion start with
Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients, along with
Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamins E, A and D as
well as essential oils. It is nice and thick, yet
non-sticky. The lotion has a nice glide to it and is very
moisturizing. Our most popular are listed below,
however, our lotions can be made in any
formulations that our bath salts or shower gels come in.
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All qualities associated with our scents are for historical reference only. No magical properties are implied or quaranteed.
HL01 Jasmine - Love, peace, spirituality
HL02 Lavender - Peace and health.
HL04 Rose - Love & Beauty.
HL05 Sweet grass - Native American
                                            cleansing, purification
HL06 Calming - A calming soothing bath
HL07 Energizer - For revitalizing and 
HL08 Good Medicine - Native American
                                            healing herbs
HL09 Vanilla - Love, Energy, Memories
HL10 Patchouli - Energy, love, wealth
HL11 Amber - Relaxation, meditation,
HL12 Peppermint - Increase circulation