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Floral Bath Salts
4 oz. plastic screw top jar.
$8.00 each

FS01 Carnation -- Energy.
FS02 Frankincense and Myrrh - Purification,
                                            meditation, spiritually
FS03 Jasmine - Love, peace, spirituality
FS04 Lavender - Peace and health
FS05 Patchouli - Energy, love and wealth
FS06 Rose - Love and beauty
FS07 Rosemary - Health, memory, longevity,
                                          earth magic
FS08 Sandalwood - Healing, meditation,
FS09 Sweetgrass - Native American cleansing,
FS10 Eucalyptus - Healing and protection

All qualities associated with our scents are for historical reference only. No magical properties are implied or quaranteed