All qualities associated with our scents are for historical reference only. No magical properties are implied or quaranteed
Celtic Shower Gels
8 oz bottle with flip top $12.00 each

SG01 Calming - A calming, soothing bath
SG02 Circle - Before magical working to strengthen, purify,
                                             and prepare
SG03 Cleansing - for heavy psychic, spiritual cleansing
SG04 Energizer - For revitalizing and recharging
SG05 Banishing - For banishing negative energies
SG06 Happiness, Sunny Days - A happy joyful bath
SG07 Love - Attract love, expand ability to give and receive
SG08 Protection - Strengthen psychic armor, stave off all
                                            attacks - physical, mental, spiritual, psychic,
SG09 Purification - Purify body, spirit, and soul
SG10 April's Joy - A custom blending of Patchouli,
                                            Lavender, and a hint of Amber Resin
SG12 Northern Forest - Refreshing scent of new world
                                           virgin forests

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