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We use ancient and traditional European and Native American methods and recipes. Adjustments have been made over the
generations with respect to safety where certain herbs are concerned.

Our product line is special and unique because we still make them the traditional way. We never mix in "batches", but create each item
individually, one at a time. Though this process is time consuming, it preserves the integrity of each recipe. An item requiring 3 berries, 2
leaves, 5 seeds and 6 drops of oil will contain that exact amount.

We use only pure herbs, spices, oils and resins with no fillers, chemicals, or additives. We strive to use Organic or wild collected herbs wherever possible. There is no animal testing involved in any of our products. They can be enjoyed simply for their wonderful aroma or used with visualization.
Due to regulation by the U.S. Postal Department, please note… That we make no claim of magical effects or supernatural
powers for any item in this catalog. In spite of legendary attributes or traditional beliefs, such information on our products
is offered as historical curiosity only and beliefs concerning their magical effectiveness are related here only for historical
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